1969 Porsche 911ST

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1969 Porsche 911ST

This car was purchased new by brothers Kent and Sten Frohde in 1969 in Germany, (Gottfried Schultz, 16th January 1969, engine number 6390928 – Blood Orange) and it was a standard 911S.

In 1970 Kent was driving in Germany and he crashed the car on the Autobahn with a truck. The car was a complete wreck and Kent sent the remains to the Porsche Competition department in Werk 1 and asked them to build him a Group 4 racecar, using what could be salvaged from the wreck. From what he remembers, they could only re-use the engine and gear box, the rest was too badly damaged.

You can see the resulting ST in the photograph above, taken in Sweden in period. “Our” car is the one in the middle, with its distinctive Fuchs made w911S wheels, and the enlarged rear wheel arches, to cover wider than standard tires.

Porsche tuned the original 2-liter engine and Kent remembers it had 242 bhp, which was the strongest 2-liter engine Porsche had build up to that time. The body was also widened 50 mm on each side, which is confirmed in an original document from the official Swedish Car Register. The car was raced in Sweden in various track races by both Kent and Sten, even though the car was owned by Kent from 1970. In 1972, Kent won the SSK class B series in Sweden. The original engine was sold to Norway during the rallycross era in Sweden. No one wanted a small 2-liter engine then…

The car is today upgraded and meets the 1972 Homologation regulations.

Engine: The engine today is a type 911/73, which is equivalent to an RSR. The only thing that differs is that this engine has a Silumin engine crankcase instead of Magnesium and it has low throttle housings instead of high ones. It is a short stroke 66 mm and 89 mm cylinder bore, which gives 2.5 liter (with long stroke the volume would be 2.8 liters). The engine has the original twin plug Marelli distributor coming from the original 2 liter engine. The cylinder heads also came from the original engine and they have the small 12 mm spark plugs, both up and down and big valves. The connecting rods are from a 911 T without any counterweights for better RPM response. The engine has an AT case number which stands for Austauch (meaning replacement). This engine has never been in a standard vehicle. Neil Bainbridge has recently finished an overhaul and full speed run on the MFI. The engine has forged steel rocker arms of original specification, not cast iron ones. The engine delivers some 272 BHP.

Gearbox: The gearbox is a type 915 with original ZF differential and it has an 8:31 gear ratio. The gearbox is made with genuine original parts. 1st gear is a “long” gear and the others are matching.

Chassis: In the rear the car has reinforced RSR trailing arms. Shocks are Green Bilstein. Brakes are original. In the front it has the original S-alu brakes and the shocks are lowered and reinforced Bilstein race. Car is painted in Conda Green, which was the colour the car was delivered with after being in the Porsche Competition Department in 1970.

Interior: Seats are Recaro 1300 on passenger side and 1328 on driver side. There is a modern roll-cage installed. Brake balance is adjustable. A fixed fire extinguisher system is installed.

Front: A modern safety fuel cell with 100-liter tank is installed. The lid is made of fiberglass.

Rear: Engine lid is made of aluminum and is NOS.

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