SAUBER-MERCEDES – The Group C Racecar 1985-1991 – World Champions

When Peter Sauber started using Mercedes V8 engines in his Group C Sportscar in 1985, the result was World Championship wins in 1989 and 1990. Utterly dominant, the three-pointed star of Mercedes beat the TWR Jaguars and Nissan, as well as the by now aging Porsche 962, and introduced a certain M. Schumacher into the factory team in 1990.

The book contains many interviews with the personalities who raced with the Sauber-Mercedes team, such as Jochen Mass, Mauro Baldi, Kenny Acheson, David Price, Bobby Bell and Leo Ress. A host of magnificent color photographs backs up the history and development of the cars. Also included is a chassis by chassis history of each car.

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