Porsche Turbo USA

Porsche Turbo USA

The Racing Cars, A Picture History

by Lee Self with Chassis Histories from John Starkey
First Published 2004,
by Gryfon Publishers

Price $69.99 + S&H

Porsche’s Turbos, both race and road cars burst upon the motoring scene in 1976. By late 1977 they were making their impact upon the racing scene in the U.S.A., taking over the winning role in IMSA that Porsche’s RSR Carrera had held previously.

When the GTP car era dawned in IMSA, Porsche-engined Marches held sway until the immortal 962 arrived on the scene in 1984 and dominated the series until Nissan came good in 1988. By the end of the GTP era, in 1993, there were still 962s competing in IMSA GTP racing.

Porsche Turbos next appeared in the GTS class of endurance racing in America, their timeless 911-based 930 Turbo S taking over for both works and customer teams. After that, GT-2s and Evos and then GT-1s and GT-1 Evos until, with the advent of the GT-3, the factory turned back to naturally aspirated cars for their customers’ teams.

Within the pages of this book can be found photographs and descriptions of Porsche’s racing turbocars from 1978 to the present, complete with in-depth captioning. These tell the reader just how it was out there, at the major endurance races in America, such as the Daytona 24-Hours and the Sebring 12-Hours. Photographs from other circuits, such as Road Atlanta, Road America, Mid-Ohio and Columbus are also featured.

Foreword by Brian Redman

260 pgs. in two sections.

25 Chapters by year from 1978 to 2004,
164pgs., 375 color photos

3 Appendices. Featuring every turbo Porsche raced Internationally in the U.S.A.

96 pages with small b/w photos

Appendix I – RSR Turbos, 935s, K3s
Appendix II – The 962s
Appendix III – GT-2s, GT-1s & GT1-98s


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