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Dan Gurney’s Eagle MK III as it was raced in 1993 (top) and as it appeared when back at Sebring (bottom) for the race’s 50th Anniversary.

Is the car you’ve bought really the car you think it is?

In the last two months alone, I have been introduced to four racecars, each one having a “twin”, with the same chassis number, in another continent.

Lola T70 MK III B coupes are prone to this. They’re relatively simple to fabricate, (the earlier T70’s present more of a challenge to the would be fabricator). My standard line is: “Lola made 16 MK III B Coupes and there are only 38 left, and I may have missed a couple!” – Yes, I kid a lot.

Porsche 911/930’s are as bad. As Jurgen Barth recently remarked to me, “Where will it all end?”. Where indeed?

If you’re contemplating the purchase of an old racing car and want it checked out thoroughly, contact me. For a fee, I will inspect the car and its history. This could save you a lot of money in the future.

Below is typical of the reports on history that we produce. If you are interested in obtaining such a history for your car, please contact us.

Example of History Report

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